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What happens in the
​home birth setting?

The home birth environment should be a calm, comforting, & and fun atmosphere. The laboring mother is surrounded by her closest loved ones and a supportive birth team. 

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Is Home Birth Safe?

A Very Common Question!! Watch this video of
3  home
birth midwives servicing Georgia!




"I remember the day I found Christine. I was so frustrated not being able to find a black midwife and I was really thinking of giving up. And then, she responded to my email and once we got on the phone I was relieved that I wouldn't have to search any further. I've wanted a home birth for years and it was associated with a feeling. I wanted to feel warm, happy, safe. Christine exuberates those feelings in her practice and I felt so spoiled, guarded and protected. There is no better person than Dawn by her side. Dawn is so sweet with such an inviting loving no nonsense energy . The two together are an impeccable team. They are experts in their craft. Your birth team should feel like family and that's exactly what Christine and her team becomes to you".

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