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Community... Just for you!

After a decade of catching babies, one thing remains a fact. Mothers need community. But it's hard and I'm sure you know why. Mamas are BUSY. Busy caring for and nurturing others,  all while neglecting themselves. The BBG MAMAS WELLNESS COLLECTIVE is here to provide moms with the encouragement they need to begin prioritizing their own well being from with a holistic approach. Caring for yourself doesn't make you selfish.Intentionally carving out time for self care doesn't make you less than a mom, it makes you a better mom. Our mission is to normalize and create guilt free “me time” inspiration, resources and experiences for the holistic wellness and wholeness of mothers. Using the Circle online platform, we aim to: 

  • Curate in person, easy to attend retreats for moms to connect with each other while also prioritizing safe spaces to decompress and recenter. BBG Mama Wellness Retreats will be held quarterly in Metro ATL.

  •  Providing a judgment free, respectful online community for mothers to engage with each other, receive relatable health and wellness tips and guidance to easily integrate into busy mom life.

  • Virtual Wellness Classes/Webinars/Seminars with guest appearances from different wellness professionals will be held regularly.

  • Bi Weekly Wellness Blog 

  • Membership options are Free and Premium Upgrade option at $24.99/month for full access.

See you in the circle!

Questions? Send all inquiries via email.

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